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Lavorazione fibre nobili da tutto il mondo

Lavorazione di fibre nobili da tutto il mondo, filiere sostenibili e tracciabili, nel rispetto del pianeta e dei piccoli allevatori europei, sostenibilità, tracciabilità, rispetto del pianeta, piccoli allevatori europei, filiera sostenibile, filiera tracciabile, fibre nobili, economia circolareinstagram

uno Lavorazione fibre nobili da tutto il mondo

due Lavorazione fibre nobili da tutto il mondo

Polipeli is a company specialized in the workmanship of fine fibers such as alpaca wool, camel, cashmere, Virgin Wool and Mohair, pure-processed or blended with Silk and Linen.

The best fine fibers,
from all over the world.

PERU, Alpaca

SOUTH AFRICA, Mohair and wool


CHINA, Silk & Cachemire



We truly respect our planet.


Thorough-going sustainability. We believe that the future of our work lies in respecting and caring for the ecosystems that foster it, which is why we have been promotin energy, social and environmental sustainability projects over the years.


Traceability stands for guarantee and protection of the value of
our products. Knowing the natural environment as well as the production sites and the breeders, enables us to choose and recognize the importance of these elements and then convey their essence up to the finished product.

Our commitment
to support European breeders

Thanks to our support, breeders are able to access the best industrial processes even if they work with very low quantities. We believe in the social and cultural value of these projects, adding a small piece to a large collective project of sustainability and solidarity.

The best materials must be
worked with the best technologies.