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Ricerca e sviluppo per migliori prodotti

I nostri prodotti sono il risultato di un costante lavoro di ricerca e sviluppo combinato con tecnologia, professionalità, risorse umane, Ricerca e sviluppo per migliori prodotti, tencologia, risorse umane, ricerca, sviluppo, fantasia, professionalità, ricerca e sviluppo, economia circolare instagram

uno Ricerca e sviluppo per migliori prodotti

due Ricerca e sviluppo per migliori prodotti

We select the best materials and the most advanced technologies, we have the imagination, professionalism, human resources and determination to design, refine and create the best products.

and machinery

The machinery we use reflects the intertwining of ancient knowledge and renewed technologies. The synthesis of these two elements has generated high-value tools and practices, our cultural heritage.

our know-how

Our products are the result of constant research and development. Our experience is the oucome of careful observation on the technical details and the continuous development of possible applications of the materials, with the aim of enhancing them in each individual use.

Over time our staff has been complemented with professionals from each branch of the textile industry to offer the best solution to the production challenges of our customers.

Territorial district
of Prato

The city of Prato is a unique setting. A flexible and nimble textile district, an exemplary display of spontaneous circular economy since the nineteenth century. A crucial asset for our company due to its territorial and systemic organization, which allow us to cover a wide range of processes within a radius of 20 km, an unthinkable and unbeatable condition for any other production district.

The experience and the ability of craftsmanship, the competence and professionalism of industrial production.

Certified by ICEA ICEA-TX-1381

Certified by ICEA ICEA-TX-1381

Our placement on the global market, to meet your needs. to meet your needs.